Château NODOT is surrounded by 8 hectares of vineyard composed of 45 % Merlot,
30 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 25 % white Sauvignon.
Cabernet Sauvignon gives a wine that is powerful, complex, and richly coloured with notes of sweet pepper, liquorice and violet.

It marries perfectly with Merlot which is fruitier and more supple. From this union are born wines that are round and complex.

The flavours of white Sauvignon are fresh with notes of citrus fruits and peach.
To concentrate the flavours we prune the vines hard in winter which gives a smaller yield but a better quality of grape.
vine flowers
vine shoot

Bordeaux tradional grape varieties for pleasant wine

Address: Château NODOT, 2 Ravion 33920 Saint Christoly de Blaye ( show the map )
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