A trip to Bourg

Leaving Blaye, take the really beautiful and unspoilt coastal road along the Gironde estuary to Bourg sur Gironde. On this scenic route there are 'carrelets' (fishing huts on stilts) with nets pegged out to catch prawns and small fish.
Bourg is built on a cliff above the Dordogne river. The castle on its summit was built in the XVIIIth century. In its precinct there is a museum of barouche carriages.
After wondering through the narrow streets of this pretty and rather exotic little town, go to Lansac to see the windmill built in the XVIIIth century. It is still milling wheat so you could take home with you a bag of flour.
Some kilometres on, at Prignac and Marcamps are the Pair-non-Pair caves where the oldest-known cave drawings of animals, dating from 30 000 BC, can be seen.
Gironde estuary
Estuaire de la Gironde
fishing square dipping net Gironde estuary
sailing barge Bourg sur Gironde
Gabare entrant dans le port de Bourg sur Gironde
Bourg sur Gironde
Bourg sur Gironde
sea door Bourg sur Gironde
Porte de la mer de Bourg
washhouse Bourg sur Gironde
Lavoir de Bourg sur Gironde
inside washhouse Bourg sur Gironde
Intérieur du lavoir de Bourg
windmill Lansac Gironde
Moulin de Lansac
windmill Lansac Gironde floor
Moulin de Lansac
cave engraving pair non pair
Gravure rupestre de Pair-non-Pair
Address: Château NODOT, 2 Ravion 33920 Saint Christoly de Blaye ( show the map )
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