Each year, in September during the medieval harvest at Château NODOT we re-enact the time of the knights and their ladies.

During this event we dress you up as medieval pickers and you cut the grapes from the vine by hand with a pruning knife, trend the grapes under foot and press the grapes with a wooden press which is an accurate replica of the XIII century press.

This event will be followed by a Middle Ages banquet in the room lit by can candles and furnished with tapestries
and other medieval accoutrements. The banquet will be served according to the medieval custom : neither plate, nor fork but a tailloir (wooden small plank) and a tranchoir (large bread slice) on which you put the food that you eat with your fingers. With the dishes you may drink Hypocras (our speciality : red wine perfumed with spices according to a Middle Ages receipe), wines from the wine estate matching with the dishes, Saugé (our second medieval speciality which is white wine perfumed with sage, famous for its digestive properties).

grapes hand picking medieval costume
middle ages costumed grapes pickers
medieval harvest gapes carrying
feet crushing grapes
grapes crushed feet middle ages
handle wooden press harvest Middle Ages
handle wooden press medieval harvest
grapes juice wooden press Middle Ages
grapes juice harvest Middle Ages
Middle Ages dances costumes

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For some information contact Jessica Aubert :

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                    or call +33 674 677 746

The medieval harvest will take place on Septembre depending of the ripeness of the grappes.

95 € per person and 50 € for child under 12 years old
(this rate includes the costumes loan, activities and medieval meal
with drinkings

Pick grapes by hand dressed up in medieval costumes like in the Middle Ages

Address: Château NODOT, 2 Ravion 33920 Saint Christoly de Blaye ( show the map )
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