The medieval banquet in costume

We invite you to travel in time, dressed in all your finery ready to feast at the knights table.
Dressed in medieval costumes that we have lent you, in a hall lit by candlelight and decorated in medieval fashion.
If you would like to know exactly what we would serve you click on the button below.
If you like surprises wait until you come in order to see what has been especially prepared for you.
139 euros per person, costumes lent to you by us is included in the price.
For this meal would you be so kind as to give us three weeks’ notice.
medieval banquet costumes
medieval meal tailloir
button menu medieval banquet
On booking only, at least 8 adults
Address: Château NODOT, 2 Ravion 33920 Saint Christoly de Blaye ( show the map )
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