The medieval meal

These foods from another age delight the palate with their savours and aromas.
Our authentic recipes are the result of in-depth research, ensuring that you will experience from the very first bite the amazing complexity of medieval cuisine.
Flavours that go back to the time of the knights and squires of the Middle Ages.
If you would like to know exactly what we would serve you click on the button above.
If you like surprises wait until you come in order to see what has been especially prepared for you.
This meal is served with 'Hypocras' (red wine perfumed with spices), medieval wine and 'Sauge' (sage flavoured white wine).
42 euros per person
nettle tart
spicy chickpeas pancake
button menu medieval meal
On booking only, at least 8 adults
Address: Château NODOT, 2 Ravion 33920 Saint Christoly de Blaye ( show the map )
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